Since 1961, Loveshaw has been the leading manufacture of case sealers.  The Little David sealers are engineered for speed, economy and efficiency.  There are reasons Little David® is number one in case sealing ...

bulletSafe single mast design - High in operator safety due to the single mast upper head construction, which also gives easy access to all working parts.
bulletFastest box size changeover - slide and lock adjustments.
bulletUL Listed - unique to Little David® case sealers.
bulletExtreme box size ranges.
bulletHeavy-duty Case LockerST™ tape cartridge, the industry's best.
bulletTough, rugged steel construction built for round the clock operation.
bulletCuts taping time and material costs; it is more efficient that hand taping and just the right amount of tape is applied to each box and then securely sealed.
bulletUnique self-centering and self-tensioning drive belt system ensures much longer life, and is engineered for easy maintenance.
bulletMobile and flexible - can be moved wherever needed and can be used alone or as part of a conveyor system.
bulletBuilt in the USA, therefore parts are readily available.

Being number one is no accident!

Semi-auto Uniform Case Sealers  - These machines are for continuous runs of the same size boxes.

Fully Automatic Uniform Case Sealers - These machines are for continuous runs of the same size boxes.

Semi-auto Random Case Sealers - This machine is for runs of various size boxes.


Fully Automatic Random Case Sealers - These machines are for continuous runs of random size boxes.


Polypropylene, Paper, and Cloth Tapes - Novatech distributes Shurtape's full line of American Made tapes.



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