FA-66 - Light to Medium Duty; 12 RPM Turntable Speed;  30 FPM (Standard) Conveyor Speed.

FA-55 - Light to Medium Duty; 14 RPM Turntable Speed; 40 FPM (Standard) Conveyor Speed.

FA-44 - Heavy Duty; 16 RPM Turntable (22RPM Optional) Speed; 50 FPM (Standard) Conveyor Speed.

FA-33 - Heavy Duty; 26 RPM Turntable (30RPM Optional) Speed; 60 FPM (Standard) Conveyor Speed.

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The FA series are automatic, turntable style wrapping machines designed for operator-less operation as it unitizes pallet loads for shipment or storage.  The systems can be integrated into an existing conveyor line or loaded and unloaded via lift truck.  Each fully automatic model features exclusive Orion technology including Insta-Sense film out/broken sensing, Insta-Cut film tail treatment, and Insta-Thread threadless film carriage.

Key Benefits

bulletAutomatic - Automatic operation saves labor costs, improves efficiency and package appearance.
bulletDurable - Rugged 100% structural steel construction for years of reliable operation.  25" precision ring bearing turntable support/ ANSI chain & sprocket drive.
bulletEconomical - High performance film delivery systems yields 245% prestretch (standard).
bulletCapacity - Handles 48" x 48" (max) loads weighing ups to 4,000 pounds (standard) for FA-66 and FA-55 models, up to 5,000 pounds (standard) for the FA-44 model, and up to 6,000 pounds (standard) the FA-33 model.
bulletHeight Adjustment - Automatically adjusts for various load heights (up to 72" maximum standard).
bulletPLC Controller - State-of-the-art Allen Bradley PLC Controller.
bulletNon-proprietary Parts - Non-proprietary replacement parts are "off the shelf" and can be purchased from your supplier or from Novatech.
bulletSelf-Threading - Self-threading Insta-Threadô carriage makes loading film fast, safe and easy.
bulletFilm Out/Broken - Insta-Sense film out/broken sensing with indicator light.
bulletAC Drive - Turntable has AC variable frequency drive for responsive speed control and long motor life.
bulletPower - Requires 208 volt, three phase, 60Hz electrical and 3 CFM @ 80 PSI air requirements.
bulletWarranty - Orion warrants the above equipment for 3 years for all parts, and 5 years for structural components.

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