Closed Cabinet Mini-Max - Closed cabinet for dusty environments.

Open Cabinet Mini-Max - Our most popular model.  Open cabinet for easy coil changes, and adjustable table height

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Electronic Tension Mini-Max - Provides a more full range of tension control for products that require consistent tension.

Stainless Steel Mini-Max - For wet or corrosive environments.  Side-Seal model shown.  Other models available.

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Benefits of Polypropylene Strap for Packaging

bulletA proven way to reduce your shipping costs by replacing tape, twine, staples and glue.
bulletAutomatically feeds, tensions, and heat seals strap.
bulletAdjustable to accommodate strap widths from 1/4" to 5/8".
bulletExternal tension control permits strap tension for delicate or solid bundles.
bullet60-second heater blade warm-up time.
bulletHeavy Duty, hinged, stainless steel top.
bulletMounted on locking casters for quick movement to packaging locations.
bulletStraps virtually any size carton.
bulletPower 110v, 1PH, 60HZ

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