M-415 Standard - High speed and durability at an economical price.

M-415NS Narrow Seal - Allows the machine to strap minimum width bundles as small as a business card.

M-415A Fully Automatic - Automatically positions, straps, and conveys packages.

M-415SS Side Seal - Designed to strap packages that contain loose or moist materials.  Sealing mechanism is located on the side, preventing foreign material from affecting machine operation.

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The Model 415 Series was designed with the customer's future needs in mind.  The 415 features include a self feeding device, seal head strap stripper, and strapping speed of up to 40 straps per minute.  The 415 has been in operation successfully in plants throughout the world and has proven to be extremely reliable, requiring minimal maintenance.  It's durability allows this machine to operate in harsh conditions (cold storage, wet applications, etc.) and through continuous operation (24/7).

Key Benefits

bulletHigh Speed - At up to 40 straps per minute, the 415 is one of the fastest industrial strapping machines available.
bulletSelf-Threading - The proven auto-feed design allows the strap to be automatically fed with the touch of a lever from outside of the machine.  This allows safe and efficient coil changes.
bulletTension Controls - The tension controls on the control box allow for the desired tension to be applied consistently to both compressible and non-compressible bundles.  The machine's electronic slip-clutch, provides consistent strap tension from light tension for delicate packages to heavy tension for solid packages, with time controlled dwell for air filled or compressible packages.
bulletMovable Control Box - The magnetic mounted control box is movable and can be positioned on either side of the arch, or flat on the table for the convenience of the operator.
bulletPower - Only requires 115 volt, 60Hz, single phase, with no air requirements.
bulletArch Sizes - The M-415 Standard machine arch is 24" wide x 18" high.  Some common arch sizes are noted below for the Standard machine.  Arch sizes for other 415's are available upon request.
bulletOperator Controls - the 415 can be operated by a foot pedal, a table top ball switch, or the control panel, allowing the machine to be operated from all sides, and by more than one person at a time.
bulletOptional Equipment - Some options are listed as follows, others are available upon request:  220/440 V, 3 Phase; Top Compactor; Bundle Stop.

Additional Arch Sizes for M-415 Standard (others available upon request)


Inches 24 32 40 48 56 64 90
  18 Std x x x x x  
  24 x x x x x x x
Height 32 x x x x x x  
  40 x x x x x x  
  48 x x x x x x  
  56 x x x x x x  
  64     x x x x  

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